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Years have passed? :)

Yeah indeed. Years have passed. Since? 
Since I stepped foot into J-fandom, since I became a JE-fangirl, since I met some really amazing people on LJ. :)

I used to really like some Taiwanese bands before Japanese, and being Chinese, I took fandom for granted, understanding every single thing they said, they did and I was just plainly crazy over some really cute looking guys. 6 years ago, I departed from the Chinese and Korean-fandom and came into this brand new fandom. And yes, it wasn't because of Kanjani. (Um, yeah. It was Jin.)
And, you know, not being able to understand the culture, the people, the language is just so frustrating. Which is why this fandom gave me not only sparkles smiles and friends, it made me learn a new language, appreciate a new culture, understand new people and all. :) I have no idea why, but there was never this kind of "new" when I was into Korean stars, of which I couldn't understand anything of them except how to read the characters. 

This is kinda, miraculous I'd say? That things happen, people meet and new things explored. 
I'm not taking any of these for granted. No, I won't. 

yasu young rich

I know I haven't updated LJ in so long, but I just realized...
Kanjani8 has given me way much more than I've ever asked for.

It's amazing how people from all over meet because of these eight silly guys. ;u;
I'm glad we met. :)
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shall upload a decent photo of my new friend later in the day! When I get home. :P

(A so-called funeral card. XDDDD)

I don't have the photo with me now, so I shall upload it when I get home later~~~~

OF COURSE IT'S FROM MY DARLINGS. satellite16 for my new friend and fromyesterday for the "funeral card" (dear, don't worry, it's not a funeral card!! I LOVE IT. XDDD)
yasu young rich


I haven't been very active in LJ ever since April this year I think,
But there are some lovelies, who's never forgotten me. (:

my dear Judufromyesterday and Sonya satellite16.

It's been great knowing you two,
It's my blessings. (:
I've had soooo much fun with you two pretties,
And I hope the fun will continue on to the next year and on and on...

Thank you for cheering me up with all the K8 stuffs, random things, sweet gifts, sweet thoughts.
You darlings always come in at the right time, making me feel better when I'm sad, or stressed. (:

Like I once said, "It's a wonder how friends whom I've never met, just because they are so far away, can always cheer me up." It's more than amazing knowing you sweeties.
LJ, or more specifically, K8 has given me so much. (:
From friends that I mail and talk to, to people that I just say thanks to. They're all what K8 has given me. (:

The New Year is approaching in two days, hope that you'll all have a great year ahead! A year filled with happiness, cheeriness, love, care and everything else that will make you happy!


yasu young rich

finally back

XD i'm finally back! back to LJ that is. =D
Judu's gone to Japan and i miss talking to herrrrr~~~~~
but it's okay, she's going home real soon! xD

and while school currently took over my life,
I regained my love for rock songs. =D
and ta-dah! I'm into TOKIO's songs nowadays!
and TOKIO teddies! XDD

a wallie i made. =D
original image credits to guingel  =D

school's killing me!! xD
never ending assignments and exams!
well, am looking forward to holidays, when I can go work again! xD

yasu young rich


It's been months since i last updated my journal...
and this time, i came back to congratulate...
Judu dear!!! fromyesterday 

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Hmm, today really is a great day!!
And well, let me bring up a little coincidence that happened today.
Collapse )
Okay, so i was crapping. XDDDD
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Am back

Am back! for a few days! :P
Hong Kong was rainy! but nonetheless nice.

Had been sick since I returned from Hong Kong,
but work had me going for the mean time.

Everything at work is quite okay,
many things to learn, yet i'm going really slowly.

It's my off-day tomorrow, but my head had been spinning so much that I can't really think much now.
A lot of things went off-track, and I don't have the energy to put myself back on track.
Love my darlings at work. (:
working with them totally make work much better than i think.

Spinning world, pounding head.
I need to whine.

and take good care of myself.(:
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(no subject)

Hong Kong tomorrow!
It's 6 in the evening, wednesday!
I'll be heading to my japanese language school soon. (:

And I'll be heading to the airport at around 6am thursday!

Judu dear, I'll send you Singapore's and HongKong's postcard when I get back to Singapore!!
I'll miss you!!
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(no subject)

Well, am here again, to post a song by a Taiwanese band by the name of Mayday! (:
It's well, in Chinese, but I tried to translate it.
*It literally means laughing and forgetting, which means to put the unhappiness behind by forgetting it.
**The song means The song of laughter and forgetting</div></div>
yasu young rich



I'm finally done(well, almost) with all my school stuff!
February was nasty! Had ONE major paper, and organized an event for senpais, and that almost took my life.

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I'll be heading to Hong Kong on Thursday, be back on Sunday night, and I'll be working starting from the following day!
I'll be working at Daiso! :P

That's all! tata!

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